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Analyze Material, Briefing, and Schedule

We look through all of the data you send us. The more detailed the information, the more efficiently we can implement your project. This data may include existing visualizations, CAD files, drawings, sketches, references, and/or concepts. We work together with you on any missing information and create a schedule based on this. Typically, it will take us between three days and two weeks to complete your project

On the basis of the preliminary analysis, the general provisions of the project's cost and timeline are formed.

3D Modeling and Grant Approval of the Perspectives

We create the detailed 3D model of the object to be visualized. Afterwards we will send you several perspectives for selection. These will be delivered as a white model without textures.

This step serves to define, and agree upon,the scene and the camera perspectives to be visualized.

In order to optimally involve you in the process, you can make corrections, requests and suggestions regarding the viewing angle and image details at this point. After your feedback, we then create the first photorealistic preview.

Preview 1

Now we add the materials, textures and light sources you want to the 3D model and provide you with two detailed previews. These already make up a very large part of the effect of your finished visualization.

Two correction phases.

Normally our projects receive two free correction phases. You are welcome to send us your change requests and suggestions in a summarized form.

Preview 2

We receive your comments about the Preview #1. We apply fixes so that the image meets your needs and better reflects your idea.

Final Image

After the second free author’s correction, we deliver the finished visualization in high resolution.

Here you can find some references about our awesome architectural visualization look at our works.

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